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Minister welcomes release of Infrastructure Australia's assessment of Gungahlin to City project

Posted On August 8, 2013

Simon Corbell, MLA

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, has today welcomed the release of Infrastructure Australia's assessment of the ACT Government's submission for the Gungahlin to City transit corridor.

"Infrastructure Australia's assessment of our submission recommends a Canberra Transit Corridor Strategy be developed and included on the priority list at Early Stage," Mr Corbell said.

"When the government made the submission in August 2012, it had not identified a preference for either bus rapid transit or light rail transit for the Gungahlin to City transport corridor.

"Since then, the government has decided that light rail is the best choice and is working on a revised submission to be lodged with Infrastructure Australia in September this year.

"The feedback contained in the assessment will be a useful guide for the development of this submission, which will strengthen the business case on land development uplift benefits of light rail, as well as why this project is of national significance."

The government relied on a number of studies when making its decision to commit to light rail, including the City to Gungahlin Transit Corridor: Concept Design Report (URS report April 2012).

The URS report found that, 'BRT is a cost-effective option, whilst LRT generates the best overall outcome for Canberra'.

"By recommending that a Canberra Transit Corridor Strategy be placed in the early stage priority list, Infrastructure Australia has acknowledged the importance of this project into the future," Mr Corbell said.

"Our revised submission to Infrastructure Australia will focus on further developing the case for Capital Metro, and again seek funding of $15 million.

"Capital Metro has the capacity to transform Canberra's public transport system and stimulate development along Northbourne Avenue – the front door to the nation's capital."


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