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New Australian Design Rule signed into law

Posted On December 17, 2015

A new Australian Design Rule (ADR) has been signed into law which aims at protecting motorists involved in side impact crashes.

Minister for Major Projects, Paul Fletcher, said the new rule follows the development of international standards.

“This ADR is based on United Nations Global Technical Regulation (GTR) 14, which sets strict performance criteria for light passenger and commercial vehicles in side impacts with a narrow object such as a pole,” Fletcher said.

“The new ADR is a major road safety initiative aimed at addressing this issue by setting performance criteria that require effective safety measures such as curtain side airbags, thorax airbags and better crash sensors.”

Side impacts in motorist accidents now account for over 20 per cent of Australian road deaths and are a large contributor towards severe brain injury.

The new rule is estimated to save 128 lives and avoid 195 severe or moderate brain injuries over the next 15 years.

“GTR 14 is the first vehicle standard in the world that makes use of the World Side Impact Dummy (WorldSID), the most advanced crash dummy available. WorldSID closely mimics the behaviour of the human body, ensuring that the new ADR will deliver real-world benefits,” Fletcher said.

“It is pleasing that our country has led development of a new standard which will save lives not only in Australia but all around the world.”

The ADR will take into effect on November 2017.

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